Python shell

Knowning the code, this tool can be useful for example to:

  • Any error can be debugging using this python shell and call the methods used in graphic display
  • Do simple calculations

Its a simple python shell with a python path improved with pychemqt library directory, so we can use any pychemqt functionality, for example, a fast unit conversion would be as easy as:

In [1]: from lib.unidades import Temperature

In [2]: T=Temperature(75,"F")

In [3]: T.K
Out[3]: 297.0388888888889

In [4]: T.C
Out[4]: 23.888888888889

or a more elaborate properties calculation of water using refprop library:

In [5]: from lib.refProp import RefProp

In [6]: water=RefProp(fluido=[u"water"], T=T.K, P=101325.)

In [7]: water.rho
Out[7]: 997.3267436702669

In [8]: water.h.str
Out[8]: ' 100273.9488 J/kg'

This tools now is only available on linux, and dont let choose terminal client, use xterm